Monday, September 26, 2011


Welcome to Summers-Knoll Physical Education blog. We had a great first week of school. I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your child exploring the outdoors, rain, snow or shine. Our year-round outdoor program includes horse-riding, archery, snowshoeing and sledding along with much, much more, and will be supplemented with indoor gym activities including swimming and court-based games. This week we will be hiking, geocaching, and starting our Fruits and Vegetable Challenge as the students learn how nutrition works along with exercise to promote a healthy body.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Soccer Golf

The last couple of weeks we have working on soccer. Soccer is a great sport which offers physical fitness and motor skill development such as kicking, passing, shooting, running, strategies, and teamwork. We have done several different soccer activities to work on motor skills.

Soccer Golf-

The object of the game is to use your leg and foot as the golf club, the soccer ball as the golf ball, the poly spot as the tee and the cone as the hole. In order for it to count, the ball must hit the cone. Students should try to hit the cone with their soccer ball with the fewest number of kicks possible.

Circle Shoot-

During this game the students worked on dribbling the ball (with their feet), ball control, and strategy. The way the game works is that the kids dribble the soccer ball down the court and stop on one of the circles (all worth different points), and then shoot into the goal. The aim of the game was to be the first to get 50 points.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Horse Back Riding at Corner Stone, Too.

Our horseback riding PE class was a great success. We learned a lot about everyday life on a horse farm as well as how to take care of a horse. After our tour of the farm each kid got the opportunity to ride in the indoor arena. It was such at great feeling seeing the smiles and excitement on the children's faces. Horseback riding is great opportunity to teach life lesson such as responsibility, empathy, caring, as well as getting kids in tune with the outdoors and fresh air. Not only does horse back riding teach these life lessons, it also helps kids be to active, works on balance and coordination, and helps to develop self-confidence and a sense of freedom.

After our one day experience at the farm we had many kids come back excited and wanting to spend more time with the horses, so we teamed up with Corner Stone, Too and provided an EB class. In this class we are taking an hour once a week out on the farm going more into depth on how to take care of a horse, how to take care of the tack, and how to ride both Western and English style saddles. It is amazing to see the children taking pride in taking care of the horses, and the confidence they have in their riding ability.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture's of Capture the Flag and Bocce Ball

Capture the Flag and Bocce Ball

Our warm-up game this week was capture the flag, which for most of the children is a favorite game to play. Capture the Flag is a great team building and critical thinking game. As a team you need to find a place to hide the flag. Should it be in a "great hiding place", in a "deceptively open area" , or should it be where no one "will think twice"? Who is going to guard the territory, who is going to find the flag, who is going rescue teammates from jail? It is fun to watch the children strategize their plans to capture the flag. They came up with some great ideas. Bocce Ball is one the oldest games know to mankind which became the sport of the sportsman, rulers and famous people through the ages, including the great Italian Renaissance man Galileo. During early times they used coconuts brought back from Africa and later they used hard olive wood to carve out the balls. A set of bocce balls consists of eight large bocce balls and one "Pallino". The object of the game is for one team to get more of their balls to the pallino than the opposing team. This game also takes team work, critical thinking skills, as well as working on depth perception and underhand toss.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010